Jean Y. Foo

Founder & CEO of Mastermind Crate

Award-winning international speaker and published author

Jean Y. Foo, has established herself as a global serial entrepreneur of distinguished leadership and revolutionary ventures at the crossroads of education, technology, communications and the performing arts. With over fifteen years in the education industry and nearing ten years in the entrepreneurial field, Jean Y. Foo has developed proprietary products, models and systems for benchmarking pedagogical and operational standards in international industries. As a high-functioning strategist, Jean Y. Foo has successfully conducted purchases and sales, mergers and acquisitions, turnkey operations, turnaround operations, as well as corporate structuring. Jean Y. Foo has a progressive track record of building loyal and forward-thinking teams exceling in sales, profitability, scalability and product excellence. She is equally competent in licensing, regulatory and compliant protocols. A growth-oriented executive whose corporate priority is value creation through organizational, market and product alignment, Jean Y. Foo is also a dynamic communicator who articulates brand value through transformative customer engagement and media relations.

As Founder and CEO of Mastermind Crate, Jean Y. Foo is the innovator of the world’s first monthly business box-subscription with gamified social media programs that impart business skills and entrepreneurship to kids, teens and youths.

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